Uber Trends in the Law, the “Gig Economy,” Self-Driving Cars and More

Here is a terrific article on the brave new world of the “gig” economy and related legal issues, ranging from Uber drivers to self-driving cars. I was not familiar with the term “gig” economy and found a good summary of the concept here, along with a video link that discusses all sorts of legal issues.  The Whatis.com definition of the term is:  “A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.”

Consistent with the topics I try to cover on this blog, this article addresses how the California legal system is taking on emerging issues as new trends and markets are created.

I’ve taken close to 100 Uber and Lyft rides so far this year and am a big fan of these services.  Generally speaking, I’m pro-Uber/Lyft, particularly as protectionist politicians seek to overregulate an industry and interfere with John Doe’s ability to given a ride to Jane Doe for a reasonable cost.

This business model is also impacting the economy and ride-for-hire markets in ways other than disrupting historic markets.  It is also spawning new legal issues that are interesting to consider.  Enjoy the article.

On the road to the gig economy, litigators take the wheel.

By John Roemer

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