About Schmidt

AboutSchmidtWith apologies to Jack Nicholson, here are a few words About Schmidt.  No, not the retired actuary, the lawyer/blogger.

Every attorney worth his or her salt has an online curriculum vitae—a few key facts, more than a few pufferies, perhaps taking credit for cases that they may or may not have worked on a decade ago, and the like.  I have one as well if you’re interested.  But a CV does not often answer the most important question: beyond what you do, what really drives you in your professional pursuits?  Here is my answer.

For well over a decade, I have done one thing professionally which is working for one terrific law firm litigating every conceivable type of case in one jurisdiction which is California.  I know the judges both good and bad, our bizarre rules and procedures ranging from antiquated demurrers to innovative anti-SLAPP motions.  Those rules, which are generally pro plaintiff and anti-defense, create tricks and the traps for the unwary.  Depending on your objective, I can litigate on a tight budget or, if called for under the circumstances, mount a D-Day like offensive coordinating the work of a battalion of associates.


Kent J. SchmidtBut what sets me apart from many litigators is a passionate belief that the California civil litigation system is–to use a non-technical term–messed up.  Our legal system has morphed into a regime that perpetuates attacks on good and legitimate businesses.  The system is spurred by unscrupulous lawyers who hold companies hostage with silly class action claims based on technical violations of vague laws dreamed up by overly creative Sacramento legislators.  The net effect of these dynamics is that California is a tough place to do business as consumer litigation has become a hidden tax that drives up the costs of doing business in the state and ultimately hurts the consumers.  This blog, much like my legal career, is dedicated to fighting this good fight.

I have been happily married to my wonderful wife for seventeen years. We have three terrific kids who keep us very busy but make it all worthwhile.  When I’m not lawyering or blogging here, I enjoy golfing (poorly), sailing on beautiful Lake Mission Viejo, landscaping my yard, and following politics and current events. Thanks for visiting my blog.

A few scences of the very talented Jack Nicholson from this terrific movie.