Coronavirus Class Action Webinar—Taking Steps to Prepare for the Coronavirus Class Action

On Friday, my partner, Jaime Stilson and I presented a webinar discussing several class action lawsuits that have already been filed relating to the coronavirus and how companies’ business practices during this crisis are facing scrutiny. Consistent with expectations, the list of class actions continues to grow and covers the three categories of plaintiff classes: […]

[UPDATED 3/31] The First Coronavirus Class Actions

As expected, the number of coronavirus class action lawsuits filed in California and around the country continues to rise. I am continuing to update the list which incudes three primary categories: shareholder claims, consumer claims and employment claims. SHAREHOLDER CLASS ACTIONS Douglas v. Norwegian Cruise Lines, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern […]

First Coronavirus Consumer Class Action Filed on the Left Coast

About the only thing certain in these uncertain times is consumer class action litigators’ ability to cobble together a lawsuit based on the Coronavirus.  Just as with the Ebola crisis a  few years ago, it appears that the Left Coast also has the first Coronavirus consumer class action lawsuit.  Filed just last week, the lawsuit […]

Coronavirus and Contractual Performance Disputes—Does a Pandemic Excuse Performance of Contractual Obligations?

The daily headlines are reminders of the far-reaching economic ripple effects of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The pandemic is forcing companies to abruptly alter strategies and business plans that seemed certain even at the beginning of the year. These types of changes prompt a question relating to whether this unprecedented health crisis alters […]

Court’s $179 Million Award Underscores Importance of Confidentiality Agreements

Blogger’s Note: My colleagues, Aaron Goldstein and Jasmine Hui report on a key decision from the California Superior Court this past week relating to confidentiality agreements. In an important lesson for both employers and employees, on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, a California superior court judge affirmed a $179 million arbitration award against a former Uber […]

The Risk of Consumer Class Actions for Recurring Credit Card Charges

Is Your Company Complying with California’s Automatic Purchase Renewal Law? Have you ever reviewed your credit card statements and noticed a charge appearing each month that you do not recognize? An internal investigation of all members of the household is launched in an effort to figure out who, if anyone, authorized these charges. Likely suspects […]

California Supreme Court Rules that Employees Must be Paid During Mandatory Security Searches

Blogger’s Note: My colleagues, Gabrielle Wirth, Jessica Linehan, Pavlina Rafter and Nisha Verma report on a key decision from the California Supreme Court this past week relating to calculation of wages.   Employees must be paid for time spent on their employer’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, required searches of bags and other property voluntarily […]

California Governor Signs Spate of #MeToo Bills Into Law

The following update was prepared by my Labor & Employment colleagues, Gabrielle Wirth, Jessica Linehan, Nisha Verma and Pavlina Rafter. In his last bill signing of his final term, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law several bills affecting employers’ obligations relating to sexual harassment.  Those imposing the most sweeping changes are described briefly below. Nondisclosure […]